Top 5 broadway shows for your date night

Dating on a restaurant is common. But if you want something special, you can go to a Broadway show and have a memorable time with your date. Here are the best Broadway shows for your date night.

An American in Paris

It is an Oscar-winning movie musical. The show is full of romance and dance. The story is set in post-WWII Paree. It features some lovely songs. You will love the magical experience.

The Phantom of the Opera

It is a romantic tragedy that’s been running for a long time. The show always has lots of viewers. You will feel the emotions of the characters and fall in love with this show like others have.


It is a historical musical about ‘ten-dollar founding father without a father.’ The show has features love and affection. You will love the creativity of the writer and composer of this show. It will be a very stimulating experience for you.

The Book of Mormon

If you are looking for a comedy show, then you must watch this one. It involves all types of subjects like racism, religion, AIDs, homophobia, etc. Behind all the hilarious acts you will get a sweet feeling.

Les Misérables

It is one of the longest running shows on Broadway. It is all about romance that is set in a period of unrest in Paris. You will find intense emotions in this story. It is a favorite show of people of many generations.

Seeing a Broadway show on your date night is the ultimate experience you are going to have. It is something that may bring you closer to the person you are going with.