Top 5 broadway shows for your date night

Dating on a restaurant is common. But if you want something special, you can go to a Broadway show and have a memorable time with your date. Here are the best Broadway shows for your date night.

An American in Paris

It is an Oscar-winning movie musical. The show is full of romance and dance. The story is set in post-WWII Paree. It features some lovely songs. You will love the magical experience.

The Phantom of the Opera

It is a romantic tragedy that’s been running for a long time. The show always has lots of viewers. You will feel the emotions of the characters and fall in love with this show like others have.


It is a historical musical about ‘ten-dollar founding father without a father.’ The show has features love and affection. You will love the creativity of the writer and composer of this show. It will be a very stimulating experience for you.

The Book of Mormon

If you are looking for a comedy show, then you must watch this one. It involves all types of subjects like racism, religion, AIDs, homophobia, etc. Behind all the hilarious acts you will get a sweet feeling.

Les Misérables

It is one of the longest running shows on Broadway. It is all about romance that is set in a period of unrest in Paris. You will find intense emotions in this story. It is a favorite show of people of many generations.

Seeing a Broadway show on your date night is the ultimate experience you are going to have. It is something that may bring you closer to the person you are going with.

5 Things you will experience being single in NY

Being single in NY has both it’s good side, and it’s downside. You enjoy freedom in a beautiful city. At the same time, you will feel lonely seeing so many couples moving around. Here are some of the things you will experience if you are single in NY.

You will have dates late at night

If you have a date during the week, then most of it will be after 9:30 pm. People are busy working during the day, and so the only time they can manage to a date is the late night.

You will meet new people all the time

You will meet lots of new people in NY. People will come up to you and talk to you. However, not all of them are good for dating. Some of them will be like fictional characters.

Dating is expensive

In NY, dating is very expensive. Just drinks and appetizer costs a lot. So, you may not think of having too many dates on a week. Otherwise, at the end of the week, you will have a shortage of budget.

Dating is not glamorous

To many people, dating in NY is like those in the ‘Sex and the City.’ But this is not the case in reality. Dating in NY is not glamorous at all. You will always have to be cautious about the money you are spending.

More chance of bumping into exes

In NY, you will bump into your ex. So, if you thought that you don’t want to see the person again who you dated for a while, then you are wrong. You will meet him again.

If you are still single and live in NY, you should expect to experience these. So, you know there is nothing to feel bad about if you are still single in NY. You are saving your money and time.

4 Reasons why single women falls for a married man

There are many men out there who love to cheat there spouse. Surprisingly, there are many single women as well who falls for married man. Here are the reasons why.

They have shown that they can commit

Married men have shown that they can commit to a relationship and settle down. Many single women are attracted to this aspect. Even though, the thought that he might cheat on you as well comes over, single women find married men attractive.

They are matured

Married men are more educated and financially settled. They can raise a family. This shows that a woman’s life will be secured. They are responsible than unmarried men as well.

They make you feel good

Couple Man Love Couple In Love Young Woman People

Married men surely know how to flirt. You feel special as you think that the person is married yet he feels for you and is attracted to you. This feeling is overwhelming.

They feel adventurous

The feeling of being caught or destroying a marriage is adventurous to many people. They like to see what the man does; whether he leaves his wife or doesn’t. The feeling that just one call to his wife may destroy the marriage gives the woman a sense of power and control.

It is not good to destroy a marriage or a family. But people are doing it. It is not only the woman’s fault. Men are to be blamed too; they like to have an affair even when they have a beautiful wife at home. If you are a single woman, it’s better not to give your attention to a married man. You will feel guilty later in your life.